Trendhaus Sydney - Strategic Communications Agency

Creative Intelligence

Trendhaus is an independent communications consultancy and branding agency in Sydney. Our experienced team of creative and strategic specialists excel in the creation and development of both online and offline media.

Our values both as a marketing agency and as communication professionals are based on collaboration, shared expectations and creativity. Our experienced consultants specialise in a broad range of branding services including; Branding Management, Strategy, Creative and Digital Marketing:

Branding Management

Whatever your reason is for investing in your brand – whether you are creating a new brand, reacting to a business merger, or simply bringing a heritage brand up to date – our marketing and branding agency can help. We take a relaxed and knowledgeable approach to branding.


A successful marketing and communications strategy is integral to any successful business. At Trendhaus, our marketing agency is comprised of a number of highly skilled professionals with a broad range of experience in many different markets; from Medical and FMCG, to Financial and Industrial - and most markets in between. Our Sydney marketing agency prides itself on its strategic ability to tackle challenging communications issues and deliver successful growth strategies.


As marketers and business experts our branding agency is interested in how the internet and online marketing can be used as a profit making tool for our clients' businesses. Our digital experts are familiar with the vast spectrum of online marketing tools, and because we are a marketing agency, not web developers, you can be sure to get the best in digital services and consultancy communicated in a language you understand – without the 'techie talk'.

Our Sydney marketing agency tailors intelligent communications concepts to build brands and grow sales for your business. Our approach to branding services is highly structured and we constantly seek ways to inform, enthuse and delight with our work – always with the aim of changing attitudes and behaviours.